Pump.Fun: The Inside Story of Solana's Memecoin Frenzy

By  Pratik May 21, 2024

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Pump.fun is a meme coin launcher platform on the Solana network that has rapidly gained popularity and become one of the leading decentralized applications (dApps) in the crypto space. This platform, known for its simplicity and profitability, allows users to create tokens with ease and offers safeguards against common crypto scams like rug pulls. However, a recent exploit has cast major doubts on its legitimacy. Before diving into this issue, let's first understand how the platform works and functions.

Overview of Pump.fun

Pump.fun is a meme coin generator platform that enables users to issue tokens for a minimal cost of $2, making it accessible to a wide range of traders and enthusiasts. The platform has gained traction due to its user-friendly interface and the ability to create tokens quickly and efficiently without the need for coding skills. Since its launch, Pump has demonstrated significant revenue generation, with projections indicating an impressive yearly revenue of $66 million based on current usage and growth trends.

Token Creation & Revenue

Pump.fun's token creation process is straightforward, allowing users to customize their tokens by choosing themes and meme images. When a token's market capitalization reaches a certain threshold, liquidity is deposited to the Solana-based exchange Raydium and burned, enhancing the token's value and security.

Key Features of Pump.fun:

  • Instantaneous Tradeable Tokens: Pump.fun revolutionizes the token creation process by allowing users to launch coins that are immediately tradable. There's no need to wait for liquidity accumulation, go through reviews, or submit forms. Just create, trade, and enjoy!
  • Bonding Curve Model: Pump.fun introduces a bonding curve model for trading Solana and Blast tokens. This dynamic approach to liquidity provision ensures that liquidity adjusts according to demand, offering a fresh perspective on liquidity management.

Revenue Generation for Solana:

Since its inception, Pump.fun has emerged as one of Solana's highest-earning applications, with over $5 million in fees earned within a short period. The platform's revenue contribution to the Solana network has been substantial, with daily earnings reaching $300,000. These impressive figures underscore the platform's success and its appeal to traders seeking to participate in the meme coin frenzy.

But, here's the unfortunate twist in the story. The latest attack on Pump.fun has highlighted the vulnerabilities present in DeFi ecosystems, as well as the potential for insider threats.

The $2M Flash Loan Exploit

In this particular event, a former employee allegedly exploited the platform for nearly $2 million using a combination of flash loans and manipulation of the platform's bonding curve.

The exploit occurred on May 16, 2024, and was quickly identified by the Pump.fun team. The attacker, purportedly a former employee with access to internal systems, used flash loans to manipulate the platform's token listings, leading to significant losses. Pump.fun responded by upgrading its contracts to prevent further exploitation and ensuring the safety of users' funds.

This incident has raised questions about the security measures in place within DeFi platforms, particularly in light of the potential for insider threats. Pump.fun has stated that it is cooperating with relevant parties, including law enforcement, to minimize the damage caused by the exploit.

The platform has also taken steps to compensate affected users, seeding the liquidity pools (LPs) for each affected coin with an equal or greater amount of SOL liquidity than the coin had at the time of the exploit. This measure is intended to make users whole and restore trust in the platform.

Successful Launches on Pump.fun

Prior to this, Pump has been home to several successful memecoin launches, such as:

  1. Shark Cat (SC): SC rose by over 100 times in just 5 days of opening, making it one of the most successful memecoins on Pump.fun
  2. Bert: The Bert cryptocurrency multiplied tenfold within 15 minutes of opening, demonstrating the high heat and rapid growth of memecoins on the Pump platform.
  3. WEI: WEI's background as an AI-generated girl's self-introduction led to a tripling in value within half an hour, highlighting the diverse and abstract nature of Solana memecoins.
  4. EPIK: The memecoin reached as high as a $25 million market capitalization, indicating its significant success as a memecoin launched on Pump.fun
  5. HOBBES: The $HOBBES token achieved over $120 million in market capitalization, solidifying its position as one of the most successful memecoins on Pump.fun


In conclusion, Pump.fun has established itself as a prominent player in the meme coin creation space on the Solana network, offering users an easy and convenient platform to launch tokens. But the recent exploit serves as a stark reminder of the risks associated with DeFi platforms and the importance of robust security measures. It also underscores the need for platforms to be vigilant against insider threats and to implement measures to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future. Will Pump be able to regain its memecoin success, or will it take a backseat after the attack? Only time will tell.