About Us

Beluga holding a hardware wallet

Beluga is on a mission to help people do more with Crypto

Crypto is a fundamental paradigm shift. This technology will allow the entire world to access greater financial freedom. And Beluga wants to bring trust and transparency to the cryptocurrency industry.

Unfortunately, the world of cryptocurrencies can be hard to use and difficult to understand. Beluga helps the crypto community safely navigate this landscape. Everyone should be able to experience crypto safely - whether it be NFTs, tokens, DeFi, staking or playing web3 games.

Why the Name Beluga?

Belugas are some of the smartest and most social mammals in the world. Belugas have keen echolocation skills helping them expertly navigate their complex environment. And... they appear to always be smiling, like they know something. We want to help people to become savvy, in-the-know and have reason to smile as they become smart crypto whales!

Founding Team

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Our founding team has spent many years in crypto and blockchain working for some of the most well known crypto companies like BitPay, Robinhood, dYdX and CoinDesk. We are passionate about crypto and live and breathe it. Beluga wants to make sure the crypto industry grows globally, nurturing freedom for all.

  • Profile picture of Sonny Singh

    Sonny Singh


    Sonny is a well known advocate for crypto since he joined BitPay in 2014 as its Chief Commercial Officer. BitPay has processed over $5B in crypto payments and raised over $70M from top venture firms including Index Ventures and Founders Fund. Sonny was instrumental in getting crypto to be used for payments as he helped Microsoft, AT&T, NewEgg, Twitch, WeWork and thousands of other merchants accept crypto payments. Sonny is a frequent guest on Bloomberg and CNBC and has spoken at crypto and fintech conferences around the world.

    Investment Disclosures: BitPay, Aptos Labs, Superworld, SoFi, Zebec

    Favorite Tokens: BTC, ETH, BCH, APT, BTRST

    Fun Fact: Sonny bought his first Bitcoin in 2013 and started receiving part of his salary in Bitcoin when he joined BitPay.

  • Profile picture of Chris Yin

    Chris Yin

    Head of Product

    Chris is a well known product leader in Silicon Valley. He spent the last three years at Scale Venture Partners, a $2B traditional venture firm. Even though Scale didn't do crypto investing, Chris made numerous personal crypto investments and traded frequently. He got into crypto while he was the VP of Product at Rainforest QA in 2017 helping contractors get paid in crypto globally. Previously, Chris was Director of Product at Coupa Software which was acquired for $8B and one of the cofounders of Xpenser, which was acquired by Coupa.

    Investment Disclosures: Paper, Satori, Ion Protocol, ISO, Rainbow, Myna

    Favorite Tokens: OHM, BTRFLY, GMX, CFX, OCEAN, PENDLE, HarryPotterObamaSonic12Inu

    Fun Fact: Chris took a consulting job in 2013 and got paid in a mix of BTC and cash. Unfortunately during a move he lost his wallet and resigned that it "wouldn't be worth anything anyway" and didn't bother looking for it, which continues to keep him up at night staring at the ceiling on a regular basis.

  • Profile picture of Eugene Shen

    Eugene Shen

    Head of Engineering

    Eugene was a key engineer at dYdX, the world's largest decentralized exchange, where he was in charge of managing infrastructure for data, research, growth, and the backend database. Previously, he was one of three backend engineers at Robinhood Crypto, and helped scale the team to over 20 engineers. Robinhood Crypto's trading volume increased 50x during his tenure.

    Investment Disclosures: Robinhood, SoFi, Coinbase

    Favorite Tokens: DOGE, SHIB, ETH, DYDX

    Fun Fact: Eugene was the primary on-call engineer and coordinated incident response for Robinhood Crypto during the GameStop short squeeze. He was on point when frustrated traders were locked out of trading GME and took all their money into trading DOGE instead.

Our Investors

Venture Capital

We are proud to be backed by some of the leading crypto and fintech venture capital firms including:

Angel Investors

Our angel investors have worked at some of the most influential crypto companies in the world, such as Coinbase, Blockchain.com, MoonPay, Kraken, Litecoin, and Ripple.

  • Mike Lempres

    Former Chief Risk Officer at Coinbase

  • Charlie Lee

    Founder of Litecoin

  • Jim Robinson

    Co-Founder of RRE Ventures

  • Akash Garg

    Former CTO of MoonPay

  • Tom Lee

    Co-Founder of Fundstrat Research

  • Arjun Dev Arora

    Advisor at Republic

  • David Chen

    Former GP at Lightspeed Ventures

  • Howard Lindzon

    Founder of Stocktwits

  • Salil Pitroda

    Former Board Observer at Blockchain.com

  • Brandon Gath

    Head of Kraken Ventures

  • Woody Levin

    Founder of Extend

  • Zach Finklestein

    Class 5 Ventures

  • Mitch White

    CEO of Gutter Cat Gang

  • David Silver

    Co-Founder of Silver Miller Law Firm