Editorial Guidelines

Welcome to Beluga's editorial guidelines page. Our commitment to delivering high-quality, accurate, and accessible content about cryptocurrency begins with ensuring that every piece we publish adheres to our principles. Whether you're a seasoned contributor or new to our platform, these guidelines will help you align your content with Beluga's standards.

Our Editorial Mission

Beluga endeavors to be a trusted resource in the cryptocurrency domain, catering to both novices and advanced enthusiasts. We strive to produce content that is:

  1. Informative: Provides valuable insights and information.
  2. Neutral: Avoids biases and provides a balanced viewpoint.
  3. Accessible: Easy to understand, irrespective of the reader's prior knowledge.

Key Guidelines for Submissions

  1. Accuracy and Authenticity
    • Always rely on trusted sources and data. Fact-checking is paramount.
    • Avoid making speculative claims or predictions.
    • Provide citations or references when stating statistics, quoting experts, or referencing research studies.
  2. Clarity and Structure
    • Begin with a clear introduction that outlines the content's purpose.
    • Use subheadings, bullet points, and short paragraphs to enhance readability.
    • Conclude with a summary or a call-to-action, guiding readers on their next steps.
  3. Neutral Tone and Stance
    • Avoid promotional or biased language.
    • Do not endorse or criticize specific cryptocurrencies, platforms, or individuals.
    • Maintain a balanced viewpoint, presenting facts and allowing readers to form their own conclusions.
  4. Language and Accessibility
    • Write in clear, concise language, avoiding jargon or overly complex terms.
    • For technical articles, include explanations or analogies to make concepts relatable to a broader audience.
    • Use consistent terminology throughout your article to prevent confusion.
  5. Original Content
    • All submitted content must be original and not previously published elsewhere.
    • Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. Always give credit where it’s due.
  6. Visual Content
    • Include relevant images, charts, or infographics to complement your content.
    • Ensure you have the rights to use these visuals or rely on royalty-free platforms.
    • Provide captions and source attributions for all visual content.

Commitment to Ethical Content Creation

At Beluga, we prioritize the highest standards of ethics in our content creation:

  1. Our writers are transparent at all times, with full internal disclosures to our team when touching upon topics where there might be potential conflicts of interest.
  2. We emphasize regular training and updates for our content team to ensure that they are abreast of the latest developments in the crypto world, ensuring timely and accurate content.
  3. We view feedback as a valuable asset. Constructive critiques are welcomed and integrated, as our shared objective is to elevate the quality of content we offer to our readers.

For any further queries or clarifications regarding our editorial guidelines or the submission process, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]. We're here to assist and guide you in every step of your journey with Beluga.