Exploring Mavia's New In-Game Marketplace

By  Pratik May 21, 2024

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Heroes of Mavia, a blockchain-based strategy game akin to the classic Clash of Clans, has launched its much-anticipated Ruby Marketplace. This new feature is set to stir up the in-game economy by allowing players to trade and mint NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) using the in-game currency Ruby. The marketplace, available on both iOS and Android, aims to enhance player engagement and create a dynamic, player-driven economy. Trading with Ruby offers a seamless experience similar to popular NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea or Blur, except Ruby only exists within the confines of the Mavia game universe. What sets it apart is the inclusion of floor prices in Ruby for all items, limited NFT drops and comprehensive insights like price history and holder count for each item.

Exploring the Marketplace

The Ruby Marketplace is an in-game trading platform that enables players to buy, sell, and trade NFTs without leaving the game environment. To access this marketplace, players must click on the red icon at the bottom right of their home screen. In case you fail to locate it, make sure that you have the latest version of the app installed.

Upon entering the marketplace, players can explore and trade various in-game items, including the limited edition "SuperMavian" skins. These skins, available in 36 unique items, are limited to 500 copies each, making them highly desirable and valuable within the game community​​. The marketplace operates similarly to established NFT platforms like OpenSea, providing a familiar and intuitive experience for users​. Moreover, users can place bids on items, much like the functionality on Blur and all pricing within the marketplace is denominated in Ruby.

The core functionality of the marketplace in the Mavia game lies in its seamless integration with the game itself. Once an item is acquired through the market, it can be instantly equipped and utilized within the game, providing a smooth and immersive experience for players.

Economic Impact and Benefits

The introduction of the Ruby Marketplace is quite strategic as it's expected to have a profound impact on the broader Mavia ecosystem. By enabling the trading of valuable in-game items as NFTs, the marketplace creates a new avenue for player interaction and economic activity. The limited edition aspect of the SuperMavian skins, coupled with the ability to mint unique items, fosters a sense of exclusivity and competition among players​.

Moreover, the marketplace is designed to be self-sustaining. A 5% trading fee is applied to every transaction within the marketplace, which is then burned to help regulate the supply of $RUBY tokens. This mechanism ensures that the in-game economy remains balanced and prevents inflation of the token value.

Benefits for the Mavia Ecosystem

The introduction of Ruby has several positive implications for the Mavia ecosystem, both in terms of gameplay and the game's overall economy.

  1. Enhanced Player Engagement: Going forward, the marketplace will provide a new level of interaction and engagement for players, allowing them to customize their gaming experience and showcase their achievements. This increased engagement can lead to higher player retention rates and a more active and vibrant community.
  2. Economic Sustainability: It introduces a new revenue stream for the game's developers and ecosystem participants. By offering limited edition NFTs and exclusive items, the platform can generate income through transaction fees and the sale of digital assets. This revenue can be reinvested into the game's development, ensuring its long-term sustainability and growth.
  3. Attracting New Players: The unique features and benefits offered by the Ruby Marketplace can attract new players to Heroes of Mavia, as it offers an interesting approach to gaming and blockchain integration. This will act as a catalyst to bring-in new players can & in turn expand the broader Mavia ecosystem.

Future Expansion

While the current iteration of the Ruby Marketplace is accessible only through the mobile app, there are plans to expand it to a web-based platform in the near future. This expansion will include integration with $MAVIA tokens, further broadening the scope and functionality of the marketplace​. The phased rollout approach will surely allow the developers to ensure the stability and security of the marketplace before introducing it to a wider audience.


The introduction of the Ruby Marketplace represents a significant milestone in the evolution of the Mavia game. By providing a seamless in-game trading experience, the platform offers numerous benefits to players, developers, and the broader community. As the Heroes of Mavia ecosystem continues to grow and evolve, the Ruby Marketplace will undoubtedly play a crucial role in shaping its future and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of Web3 gaming.