How to Maximize Your Blast Airdrop: A Detailed Guide

By  Pratik April 1, 2024

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In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, Ethereum Layer-2 platforms have emerged as a critical component in enhancing scalability, efficiency and user experience. Among these platforms, Blast stands out as a game-changer. Created by the talented team behind the popular NFT marketplace, Blur, Blast has made waves in the crypto space with its unique approach to earning native yield in Ethereum and stablecoins like USDC & DAI.

With its recent mainnet launch on February 29th, Blast has already shattered records, boasting a staggering TVL of $1.3 billion in just a short span of time.

Unveiling Blast's Flagship Feature

At the heart of Blast's appeal lies its biggest USP—the native yield mechanism, which comprises of two pivotal components:

  1. ETH Staking: Ethereum holders have the opportunity to lock up their ETH, thereby supporting the network's operation and security. In return, they receive rewards in the form of additional ETH, a process that has been seamlessly integrated within Blast's framework to incentivize its users.
  2. On-Chain Treasury Bill (T-Bill) Protocols: Leveraging protocols akin to traditional treasury bills, stablecoins bridged to Blast automatically engage in on-chain T-Bill protocols. This strategic investment avenue generates substantial yields, which are then distributed to Blast users.

However, it's not just the lucrative yields that have caught all the interest. Blast's much-anticipated airdrop of BLAST tokens has also captured widespread attention within the crypto community. So, without further ado, let's dig right into it!

Airdrop Details

In order to qualify for the Blast airdrop, users must earn points, which are a measure of their contribution to the platform. These points will later be redeemable for BLAST tokens sometime around Q2 of 2024.

The Blast airdrop is further divided into two distinct categories:

  • Blast Points: Constituting 50% of the airdrop allocation, users' wallets accrue points automatically based on their ETH/WETH/USDB balance. This real-time accumulation is conveniently tracked via the Airdrop dashboard.
  • Blast Gold: The remaining 50% of the airdrop is allocated to Blast Gold. Reserved especially for dApps, Blast Gold differs from Points as its distribution is manual. The Blast team disburses Gold at a 2-3 week interval, publicly announcing the distribution when it happens.

How to Participate

  1. Visit Blast's official website .
  2. You'll be prompted to enter an invite code to claim your airdrop, which you can find on Twitter or through a friend.
  3. Next, you will have to connect your X account (Twitter) to follow Blast's official profile.
  4. Following that, link your Discord account to join the Blast server.
  5. Lastly, connect your Ethereum wallet and bridge ETH tokens. Remember, the greater the bridged amount, the higher your Blast Points will be!

Additional Strategies for Maximizing Blast Points

  • Engage with Blast dApps: Interact with various dApps on the Blast platform, and you may have the opportunity to earn extra Points and possibly even Blast Gold.
  • Utilize Multipliers: Starting April 1st, take advantage of featured dApps to earn double the points you typically would. This can help you catch up with users who have bridged significant amounts of assets. For example, if you have 100 Points and earn 20 Points per hour, after earning a 2x Multiplier, you will now have 200 Points and earn 40 Points per hour.
  • Participate in Galxe Campaigns: Explore and engage with Blast campaigns hosted by platforms like Galxe. Completing these campaigns could earn you points, NFTs and other incentives that can bolster your airdrop strategy. Here's a complete list of the Blast campaigns that are currently active on Galxe.
  • Refer and Earn: Promote your invite link on social media to earn supplementary points as your friends join and bridge assets. For each invite you bring to the platform, you'll receive a 16% bonus on the Points they earn. Additionally, you'll receive an 8% bonus on the Points earned by the users your invites bring to the platform! The same applies to Blast Gold as well.

Source: Blast Docs

Tips, Tricks & Key Takeaways

  1. Stay up-to-date with official announcements & the latest updates on the Blast airdrop. Look for any new information regarding additional methods of earning Points and Gold.
  2. Engage actively with dApps and leverage multipliers to boost your chances of earning a bigger bag of BLAST tokens when the airdrop launches.
  3. Don't forget to prioritize your security when interacting with dApps and bridging tokens within the Blast ecosystem.
  4. Diversify your earnings by accumulating both Blast Points and Gold, which are later convertible to BLAST tokens.
  5. Also explore Blaster , the native DEX on Blast, and participate in their early access campaign to receive free BLSTR tokens based on the amount you've bridged on Blast.


With its innovative features and ongoing airdrop campaign, Blast has emerged as a popular choice among crypto enthusiasts and investors alike. And, by following this comprehensive guide and actively participating within the Blast ecosystem, you can maximize your chances of reaping the airdrop rewards! Remember, the key to success hinges on early and consistent engagement, strategic interaction with dApps and effectively utilizing the multipliers.

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