Fantasy Top: SocialFi Meets Trading Card Game

By  Pratik April 25, 2024

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What is Fantasy.Top?

The SocialFi field has recently seen a cool new change: the combination of traditional fantasy sports with the power of social media to create unique and exciting gameplay. Enter, a new crypto trading card game, which offers a diverse array of cards across four distinct rarities: common, rare, epic, and legendary. These cards feature approximately 250 prominent crypto influencers, each earning a 1.5% commission whenever their card changes hands. Moreover, Fantasy extends beyond influencers, allowing users to craft their own personalized cards, adding an extra layer of creativity to the gaming experience.

The card game runs on top of Blast, a Layer 2 network constructed on Ethereum, offering a rewards mechanism through points distribution. The protocol takes into account users' activity on social media platforms and on-chain metrics across multiple blockchains. Fantasy goes an extra mile by offering users the chance to put their trading cards to the test in exciting competitions, further elevating the engagement to a whole new level.

How is the gameplay?

In the Fantasy dApp, Twitter profiles earn points based on the views and impressions their tweets receive during each bi-week tournament and these directly impact the player's performance within the game. Before each tournament kicks off, players must tactically build a deck consisting of five cards as their success in the tournament depends entirely on the performance of these chosen cards.

At the end of every tournament, participants receive rewards in the form of BLAST, ETH, FAN points, and exclusive Packs, based on their rankings. The cycle begins anew with the start of the next tournament, providing players with ongoing excitement and rewards in the captivating universe.

In addition to that, players can purchase limited-edition packs of trading cards and acquire cards from the marketplace. With card rarity ranging from common to legendary, there's always the thrilling anticipation of finding a legendary card in the next pack! Players can also sell their unwanted cards to buy new ones, continuously refining their decks for a more competitive edge. is surely leaving no stones unturned in creating a dynamic ecosystem where each decision shapes your gaming experience!

So, in brief, the game allows you to:

  • Assemble your fantasy lineup by collecting unique influencer cards and strategically set your team for weekly competitions.
  • Explore the marketplace to buy and sell influencer cards, enhancing your lineup for a competitive edge.
  • Earn exciting rewards like BLAST, ETH, FAN points, and exclusive influencer packs as you participate and excel in the game.

Fantasy Eyes Early Success

The new Blast project has captured significant attention, as evidenced by its impressive $53 million in deposits within the past few hours. According to the team, the platform boasts an impressive participation rate, with a staggering 23,800 users engaging in competitions on the testnet, alongside a total of 75,000 registered users across the platform.

The platform currently features a leaderboard categorized by Twitter Profiles, which primarily consists of prominent figures in the crypto space, and the amount of ETH deposited. At the time of writing, the top position is held by none other than Dogecoin founder Billy Markus, also known by the alias Shibetoshi Nakamoto. Following closely are other influential figures in the crypto community such as Pranksy and Luke Martin. first came to limelight when it received $600,000 in funding from prominent investors such as Alliance DAO and Fabric Ventures, as well as industry leaders like Santiago Santos and Bryan Pellegrino. Presently, the card game has garnered increased interest thanks to the ongoing airdrop campaign, specifically targeting Fantasy's early adopters and participants.

How To Take Part in the Airdrop?

Here's a step by step guide on how to get started:

  1. Visit the official Fantasy website .
  2. Log in using your X (formerly Twitter) profile.
  3. Accept the terms and conditions to proceed.
  4. Click on "Claim Rewards".
  5. Select "Continue Airdrop" to skip the info screens.
  6. Click on "Register & Start Claiming".
  7. You will now see your profile. Click on "Claim Rewards" to continue.
  8. You'll be able to view the number of Fantasy points you've received.
  9. Next, connect to a wallet like MetaMask to add your ETH address.
  10. Repeat the process for the Solana and Bitcoin networks.
  11. Once done, you'll have the option to share your progress on X to finish the process.
  12. Additionally, you can earn 6K Fan points by transferring ETH to your Fantasy wallet on Blast.

Final Thoughts

Although trading cards, particularly in sports, have long been popular among traditional collectors and internet users, the concept of trading Twitter profiles introduces a fresh and intriguing twist. Moreover, the ability to trade these profiles against each other adds an exciting gamification element to the entire collection experience.

The eagerly anticipated mainnet launch is set to go live quite earlier than expected. Previously, the launch was expected for next week; however, according to the new retro-themed countdown widget on their website, it's now slated to launch within the next 15 hours! To ensure seamless access, users are encouraged to log in early, as immediate access cannot be guaranteed once the traffic kicks in. For now, it is more than worth giving it a shot, and one can only be hopeful of a similar response when the game finally launches.