Mavia Announces: Launch on Base Network

By  Will McKinnon February 27, 2024

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Newly launched Web3 game Heroes of Mavia has finally announced they will be building their blockchain integrations on Coinbase's Layer 2 chain Base, making it the first high-profile game to launch on the network. Mavia already has millions of users in only a month of being live, and their governance token $MAVIA has reached over a billion dollars in FDV and is tradeable on many high-tier exchanges like If you want to download and play the game yourself, you can find it in both the iOS and Android stores. To stay up to date with everything Mavia is up to, be sure to follow them on Twitter here .

Building on Base

While Mavia is off to a hot start already, it does not yet have any of its blockchain integrations live. With this move to the Base network, the team will be able to take these exciting features live such as the Legendary Marketplace powered by the in-game currency Ruby. In-game assets will be tokenized which allows players to take them off platform and trade, potentially making playing time very lucrative.

Source: Skrice Studios

For players not interested in blockchain, the Web3 integrations of the game are entirely optional. The new marketplace and tokenized game items are purely an add-on to the game to make it more immersive and improve the overall player experience.

Base is already a top 15 network by TVL (Total Value Locked), and adding a game with a playerbase as large as Heroes of Mavia will mean huge inflows of users and liquidity. This all comes around speculation that Base will eventually launch a token, so Base is sure to be one of the hottest chains in terms of activity over the next few months. For a closer look at the Mavia game, check out Beluga's full review !