Why Swim With The Crypto Sharks When There’s Beluga?

By  Beluga Team October 19, 2023

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  • Beluga has raised $4m to boost confidence and trust in the cryptocurrency realm, offering products to help navigate the ever-evolving landscape
  • The name "Beluga" is inspired by the intelligent and adaptive Beluga whales, symbolizing the platform's aim to assist users in navigating crypto
  • The founders have a combined experience of around 40 years in a 15-year-old industry

Introducing… Beluga

Crypto can be complex. The breakneck speed of change, the 24/7 action and an ever-evolving nature is a lot to handle. This is what we at Beluga are here to help with - educating and building tools to create more trust and confidence in crypto.

So far, 2023 has been a strange year for crypto. While we're in a "crypto winter", there is still a lot of promising developments and activity:

  • Over 400 million people worldwide own cryptocurrencies, which includes bitcoin, ether, dogecoin and many more
  • Hundreds of millions of dollars in monthly NFT trading volumes on leading marketplaces
  • Over $38 billion in value is locked in various decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols, platforms and decentralized apps (dapps)
  • There are more than 18,000 companies that accept cryptocurrency as payment for their product or services
  • Yet a recent survey conducted by Pew Research shows 71% of men and 80% of women have no confidence in crypto

The TLDR - many people hold crypto, but most simply aren't doing anything with it, a lack of confidence exacerbating market doldrums. Providing information, breaking down concepts and getting people to USE crypto is an important part of the Beluga mission.

What is Beluga?

No longer does anyone have to spend hours and hours trying to figure out and interpret market moves and the impacts on their portfolio. Beluga can:

  • Be a trusted go-to authority
  • Onboard brand-new users to crypto looking for help
  • Help users identify the best crypto products and projects
  • Provide guidelines for to help users make the best decisions
  • Give users easy to use tools to help manage, explore, and use crypto
  • Does not provide investment advice or play favorites

Why Beluga?

As some of the most intelligent and fun-loving whales in the ocean, Belugas create an abundant life through their know-how and adaptive abilities.

Unfortunately the crypto world has been subject to some bad actors and various scammers and hackers over time - FTX, Celsius and BlockFi are recent notable examples.

The mission of Beluga is to support the safe navigation of changing tides in a deep and wide crypto sea. Everyone should be able to experience crypto. Beluga aims for the entire world to access it, providing greater financial freedom.

Jumping into cryptocurrency comes with all sorts of new terms, nuances and complexities. Understanding crypto and how to navigate the waters are important first steps. Beluga welcomes and invites all types of investors to swim in the pod, regardless of goals or strategies.

Providing vast information and detailed analysis can also help those with more crypto experience. Strategies such as yield farming, engagement in DeFi projects, emergence of new opportunities, borrowing and lending, crypto gaming and more - anything that allows people to USE crypto to create a thriving cryptocurrency economy.

Who is Team Beluga?

Our team has spent many years in crypto and blockchain working for some of the most well known crypto companies like BitPay, Robinhood, dYdX and CoinDesk. We are passionate about crypto and live and breathe it. Beluga wants to make sure the industry grows globally and sustainably.

The team has walked the cryptocurrency walk, including the CEO, Sonny Singh, being paid partially in bitcoin when he was with BitPay years ago. Chris Yin, Beluga's head of product has extensive investing experience and has successfully translated that into cryptocurrency expertise, innovating to have contractors paid in crypto globally.

Eugene Shen lends his vast know-how from being in charge of managing infrastructure for data, research, growth and the backend database from his time at Robinhood dYdX. Daniel Cawrey brings an eagle eye view to the team and the solid foundation of Beluga from writing on and working in the industry for over a decade at CoinDesk and writing books like "Mastering Blockchain" and "Understanding Crypto".

Swim With Beluga

Beluga is on a voyage to enable people to DO MORE with crypto, BREAK DOWN this intricate world and GIVE CONFIDENCE to newcomers seeking foundational knowledge to experts craving in-depth technical insights.

There is safety in numbers, and with crypto, there is more safety in knowledge.