Beluga's Top 10 Favorite Crypto Tweets

By  Will McKinnon December 4, 2023

Image for Beluga's Top 10 Favorite Crypto Tweets

Crypto Twitter (CT) is famously the home of most terminally online crypto traders, and whether it's the lack of sleep, the rollercoaster of prices, or something else, there are some absolutely amazing tweets. Let's dive in to our favorite 10 Crypto Tweets of All Time below 👇

1. Do Kwon "Your size is not size"

Do Kwon, the infamous founder of what could be considered the largest DeFi collapse in history Terra Luna, absolutely roasts Algod. Unfortunately for Do, Terra would collapse only a few weeks later in a case of Twitter-Karmic justice.

2. SBF 1) What

The first thing SBF tweeted after the official collapse of FTX set CT on wildfire. Many of us are still asking ourselves, 1) What.

3. Making History

President of El Salvador Nayib Bukele declares BTC legal tender in addition to buying a large amount for the country's treasury. While his average price may not be the best, this tweet commemorates what was truly a historic day for Bitcoin.

4. CoinMamba's Sweet Justice

After SBF went viral in January 2021 for his tweet announcing he would buy all of CoinMamba's SOL tokens at a price of $3 each (Solana was about $2 at the time), he finally got what was coming to him in 2022.

5. Michael Saylor Returns to McDonald's

Following the price of BTC crashing, champion of Bitcoin Michael Saylor embraces the McDonald's meme.

6. DegenSpartan's Battle Cry

While we may have lost this tweet after DegenSpartan cleaned up his account, it still remains one of the most memorable of all time summing up the sentiment during the bear market.

7. On-Chain Sleuth ZachXBT Takes a Break

For anyone who has been on CT for more than a few months, you'll know that the resident detective ZachXBT is a highly respected member of the community. However when etherscan goes down, how are you supposed to read the blockchain?

8. Cobie's Generational Buy Wall

Cobie is a legendary figure in the crypto community, and for good reason. His generational buy wall will indeed go down in history.

9. John McAfee Bull Posts

The legendary John McAfee has become immortalized on CT due to this tweet. It's a new paradigm anon.

10. The Original 4

While you may have seen "4" thrown around, you may not know that it first appeared in CZ's New Year's resolution for 2023. To this day it is the main symbol to denote something as FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt).